How We Got Started

We exhibit the wish of the woman for whom this NGO was made – Stay Blessed.

The ultimate goal of the Bharti Foundation is – everyone is blessed by the basics of life.

People or any living on the earth should get what she needs – with dignity intact.

This is an initiative by INTECH CREATIVE SERVICES PVT LTD.

Every human existence is connected to the source & Mother is a source of any human being.
We call INDIA is our Mother and we call Earth our mother nature. We are sourcing from our mother nature and on the same line, Bharti Foundation is an NGO in India based in Gandhinagar (Gujarat). Established in 2020, with an aim to work extensively to reach out & be a support for people from the underprivileged segment to be resourceful by making a difference in people’s lives through the direct or indirect way. Our aim is to create an inclusive society, where people with less opportunity are accepted into the mainstream economy and social life. We believe that every single human is special and talented and is just looking for a chance to excel.